Top 5 Kanye West Albums


My new article got a lot of hate, and even personal attacks, due to its subject matter: Kanye West. Still, it was a very fun one to write and I stand behind its every word. Proceed with caution:

Top 5 Kanye West Albums


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  1. I’ve only heard the College Dropout, but it was a good one. Nice to read no 2 of his records are the same

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  2. Interesting. I can understand why folks don’t like him and I think his persona gets in the way of his music. I like most of his stuff, though I wouldn’t agree that he’s the one 21st-century artist who single-handedly changed the course of popular music with each new album… I think the influence of his first few albums could be heard in popular hip hop.

    Anyhoo, as it’s about the albums I would find it hard to disagree with your number 1. It’s an exceptional album. Beautiful and Late Registration would be 2 and 3, respectively. Yeezus in 4th, with Graduation 5th. You make a good case for the inclusion of each of them, but 808s just never appealed to me despite my best efforts to get to know it.

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  3. yo, dope article bro. I like how you’ve talked about the impact of his music on the rest of music. Kanye really does push the culture of music a lot. I actually did a post on him myself talking about how he’s so powerful in pushing the culture. check it out:

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