Queen Top and Future Plans


At the end of last year I quit writing reviews for Culture Sonar. Below you can read my last article for them, a Top 10 of what I consider to be the most underrated Queen songs:

10 Underrated Songs by Queen

One of the reasons why I quit was to focus on different projects, namely, two short movies that I’ve been trying to write and film for a while. I don’t know how many people are still reading this blog, but if there is some interest in the aforementioned films, make your voice heard in the comments and I’ll post them here as well once they’re finished. At the very least you get the opportunity to rip them apart. 😀


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  1. I prefer movies to music !! 🙂

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  2. A great list, bravo – they were such a unique band: bombastic theater rock, tight and effective hit singles, and soft melodic ballads – a sonic combination only they could achieve – usually all on the same album – I am a huge fan of “A Night At The Opera”, which combines all of the classic Queen ingredients as well – here is something I posted about the album and recording of it –

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  3. Fantastic list. Especially pleased to see “Dragon Attack” and “Back Chat” included. The former has that wonderful Roger Taylor drum fill and the latter simply has a killer groove. The others you chose are great songs as well but probably a little better known by even casual fans as they come from their classic ’70s albums. Hopefully your post will point some folks to their under-valued ’80s work.

    Good luck with your movie projects. Please keep us all posted on the progress.

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    • Thanks, Rich. I’m not a huge fan of their post-Hot Space albums. Do you like them?


      • I love A Kind Of Magic (which was included in my Thirty Year Thursday series in 2016) and The Miracle. I also really like Innuendo, although I think it gets slightly overrated by certain fans because it’s a return to the sounds of their mid-’70s classics, even though I don’t think the songs are as consistently strong. AKOM made a big impact on me when I was in college, as it was my return to the land of Queen after not being a fan of Hot Space or The Works. I’ve since gone back and come to really like both of those records, but The Miracle is probably my favorite of their post-The Game albums.

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        • I don’t know how it is over there, but in my country all of Queen’s 80s hits were and are being played to death. In comparison, the 70s albums are largely forgotten except for a couple of hits (Rhapsody, Champions, Somebody to Love, Love of My Life). I can hardly listen to them now, having grown up with them played at all times. I also think the song-writing quality dropped a bit with The Works – a good album, but not a great one. I generally am not a fan of mainstream 80s rock and pop (I know we disagree on that one).


        • Other than a handful of songs, the Queen you’ll hear on mainstream radio here is from the ’70s. I understand that a lot of people (like you) prefer other sounds to “mainstream ’80s rock and pop,” but Queen is one of those bands whose music from that era is often as creative as anything they did in the previous decade. It only “sounds” mainstream because of the recording quality. The Miracle in particular has some great songs filled with incredible musicianship. Brian May, in particular, shines throughout that record.

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  4. An interesting list, especially for someone who isn’t too familiar with their catalogue.

    Good luck with the flicks! I look forward to reading and hearing more about them.

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  5. I like the Queen choices – White Queen is probably my favourite deep cut, and I have a lot of time for Dragon Attack. One I really like is Fight From The Inside – it’s pretty much a Roger Taylor solo effort.

    Of the post Game albums, Innuendo is easily my favourite and would make my Queen top 5. It was released in the CD era, and could do with some trimming, but Show Must Go On and the title track are amazing.

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  6. Awesome list!!!! So many of those are my favorite Queen songs are on this list!

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  7. Please do share your films with us when they’re ready!

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