Happiness? (Short Movie)

So I’ve made a short movie. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve worked hard on it and I really hope you like the results. If you do, you can subscribe to this YouTube channel because there will be more to come (and also like & share it for more people to see, you know the drill).


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  1. This was great. I watched it yesterday and I love the ending and I am wondering what the heck happened. I also liked that his story is left open for interpretation or I completely missed something.

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  2. ..and the award for the short movie of the year goes to…

    P.S. I was most fearful for the camera person walking down those steep steps while using the camera. Yikes.

    On a different note, I love to travel but have never been to Europe.
    Is this Romania? If so, what area?
    It looks nice. Maybe someday I will see that part of the world.

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